Attention Entrepreneur!

Would you like to know why you’re still struggling with sales…

… and your prospects are NOT responding to your “amazing offers”?

If you’ve been trying to sell stuff in the marketplace, you’ve probably:

  • taken a handful of courses on sales to help you sell more
  • listened to a couple of marketing “gurus”
  • even paid consultants to take a look at your business or
  • read a few books on sales and marketing

All in the bid to move your sales needle northwards.

I bet you’ve tried all that these courses, coaches and books have suggested…yet you’re not seeing the desired results.

You’re still stuck like a hamster on a flywheel (making all the efforts in the world with nothing to show for it)

I understand the pains and frustration of investing time, energy and money trying to sell your “great idea” or concept in the marketplace only to end up with a couple of bucks less in your bank account. Without any visible means of getting them back through the sales of your products or service.

I’ve been there.

I assure you, it’s not a place you want to be for long.


I wouldn’t want to bore you with how I started an online toilet paper home delivery business that failed to fly.

Even when I had the best product, lowest price, plus amazing offers and discounts and ended up selling to family and friends ONLY. Because I never knew what I’m about to share with you now…

  • You could have the best product in the market and still starve!
  • You could be the best in your niche and still go hungry
  • You could be in the right market with the right products and still struggle to sell
  • You could have killer offers for your products and still go broke

The ONE THING guaranteed to help you sell more and get buyers to take up your offer, even if it’s the weakest offer out there, is when you KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER’S BUYING JOURNEY!

I have distilled everything you need to master about your customer’s journey in my new book

“WHY YOU ARE NOT SELLING: five steps your customers must take before buying from you”

You don’t see the marketing “gurus” talk about it, nor will you find it in any online course.

This book will teach you how to understand your customers better in order to know when they are to be “told” and when they need to be “sold”.

Just reading the first chapter,you’ll begin to realise what you’ve been doing wrong in your marketing and why it’s important you know your customers state of awareness before pitching to them.

Even if you stopped reading this book in chapter one…you’d have gotten your money’s value already-the rest of the chapters would just be pure “profit”

I wrote this book with you in mind so you can learn how to sell faster than you competitors by mastering the five steps that are vital in your business sales cycles.

Mastering the teachings in this book will ensure you:

  • Know who your customer really is thereby knowing what it is they want(and how to provide it for them)
  • Understand where they are in their buyer’s journey so you know what offer to make to them
  • Make the right offers that they would feel stupid to say no to thereby allowing you to sell faster than your competitors


As soon as you start implementing the teachings in this book. You would begin to turn prospects and leads to customers FASTER and make more sales that your friends, colleagues and associates would not only suspect that you’ve done something sinister…but would soon beg you to “cut-soap-for-them”

It’s available for a one-time payment of N2000.

This would turn out to be the best N2000 you’d ever invest in your life…better than any stock in the market right now

To order WHY YOU ARE NOT SELLING book, click the link below and pay N2000 only to unlock the selling secret most successful marketers wish you’d NEVER know.

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Get your copy here. And start selling faster than your competitors now!

30 Days Cheat Me Now Guarantee

I know you may have your fears about buying this book. You may want to belief it’s the same fluff bandied about by authors whose books fail to deliver the “goods” once you’ve bought them. That’s why I am giving you my 30 Days Cheat Me Now Guarantee – if after you’ve purchased and read this book and:

  • You don’t have fresh perspective about your customers buying journey
  • You don’t learn how to make the right offer based on you understanding your customers journey
  • You don’t understand who your customers are in order to sell to them
  • You don’t understand what to sell to your customers
  • You don’t understand how to sell your products or service to your customers

Then simply write me a mail on and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked…plus you get to keep the book.


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