Move From Blanks To The Banks With Your Copywriting

Hi! I bet no one told you how tough it is to get your customers to take the desired actions when the land on your sales page huh?

I can imagine your frustration knowing that you’ve invested valuable time and resources to create the perfect product or service and designed your website to capture leads and engage your customers, only to have a high bounce rate. And streaks of poor conversion in spite of your marketing efforts.

 I bet you’re constantly hitting the refresh button on your analytics and snatching up your phone from the couch at the slightest beep sound, hoping to see some measure of positive activity on your sales page without any tangible result.

If the above description is anything like you, then you’ve got to pay attention to what I have to share with you…

What if you could take a sneak peek into the minds of your target customers and then design the perfect offer?

Imagine being able to have a glimpse of your customer’s wants and desires. Then have the ability to make them the right offer for those desires which your brand or business can easily fulfil?

You’re about to discover how to literarily do just that with your copywriting.

But, before we dive right in, let me let you in on a quick story…

I’m Emeka uzowihe.

I have been in sales and marketing for 11 years now .

In December of 2016,I defended my MBA thesis in marketing. Ever since then,I have been wanting to teach small businesses what it takes to grow or build a sustainable business online.I have a bias for small business marketing. And I was not happy with the traditional marketing approach practiced by small businesses. So I decided to veer into digital marketing in order to find out which was more economical for small businesses to grow their businesses with. I discovered through research that online advertising was a lot more economical, with high return on investment than traditional marketing.

But there was a catch…

There was a lot of “moving parts” with online advertising. Advertising online required stuff to be sold through a lot of intrigues, chief among them is effective and persuasive copywriting. And copywriting was not a skill taught in schools or possessed by most entrepreneurs. So,I signed up for a handful of courses, read extensively on copywriting and eventually got certified as a copywriter.


Many entrepreneurs have lost countless sales because of poor and non persuasive copies on either their sales pages or their web copy.

Everybody writes…you should write your sales and web copy if you wish.

The problem with you writing your sales copy is that you get to sound too salesy, plus you also muddle up your copy so badly that it reeks of your business offerings ONLY, without recourse to the needs of your target customers.

And no customer wants to read how good your products or services are-if you are not showing them how it helps them with your web copy or sales page.

Here’s the thing.


I created Emeka Uzowihe to teach small business like yours how to grow their businesses with good and persuasive copies that converts and sells without sounding salesy.

What You Get?

I’ll teach you through my trainings how to write killer copies that:

  • Appeal to your customers personality which means they get to read your copy and identify with your message and respond to your offers faster
  • Is optimised to make the right offer that resonates with your target customer’s wants, desires and pain points which means your customers lap up your offers without the usual objections.
  • Attract boatloads of customers like lights attract little bugs! Increasing your conversion rates and decreasing your bounce rate.

With more customers you get more engagements and referrals which mean your copy turns strangers into your brand’s evangelist and raving fans!

With more conversions comes more sales which means you have more money to run more targeted ads to your sales page…turning money OVER fast!

With more money in your bank account, you stop working late hours, stop being constantly away from family and friends and start enjoying quality time with your family and loved ones. And have fun together…this time smiling whenever you hear your phone beep.

Now your friends, family and peers take notice of your success…you become the envy of many and a reference point of what a successful entrepreneur looks like.

Who Is This for?

  • If you’re running ads and seem not to see the desired conversion from your sales pages. 
  • If you sell a digital product but find it hard to record sales, even when you know your product or service is great and better than those of your competitors
  • If you own an online store and watch your competitors share screenshot of sales after sales without you posting some sales often
  • If you desire to sell more of your products and services by effectively communicating your offerings to your target customers
  • If you want to see a high conversion rate from your marketing campaigns


Change is easily resisted by humans…you’re likely going to face some doubts about embracing or even trying something new,so:

  • If you are afraid of taking charge of your life and business by learning how to write persuasive copy to grow your business
  • If you believe things will change by ONLY “hoping” and “praying” without taking strategic goal-oriented actions
  • If you are Ok with being stable in business and do not need growth
  • If you have no competitors and do not need new customers or leads

STOP reading… whip out your phone and binge on Netflix…you’ll at least escape reality and forget your business problems.

But if you are still here…’ve made a great choice. You’ll soon be the guy that most business people would approach to “cut soap” for them.

How It works

I’d like to give you a personalised attention. To do that, I’d like to connect with you on whatsapp, this way you have direct access to me and my teachings.


Would you like your copy to appeal to your customer’s personality that makes them identify with your message and respond to your offers faster?

Would you like your copy to stop your customers from making that comparison between your offerings and those of your competitors increasing their bounce rates?

If so, connect with me now on whatsapp and have access to personalized training modules that will help you grow your business faster than your competitors

To get you started and properly set up to succeed with your business. I’ll be giving you access to my training On “4 Business Growth Strategies Your Competitors Wish You’d Never Know”. 

This training is one of my paid courses, where I share  ways you can stand out from the noisy business crowd with your value proposition and offers (you’d be surprised how many businesses lack this… you can have access to it today for FREE!

All you need to do to get this sought after training is to connect with me on Whatsapp by following this simple step. 

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And you’ll get access to this training and be plugged into a system that would teach you how to transform your copywriting to convert, sell more and make more money…this way you get to kill two birds with a stone!

My trainings are usually personalised…I only have limited slots to teach a small group of people at a time. This means I always have a waiting list…

…Don’t be on the waiting list as what was once a FREE training could turn out to be a paid course or require a consultation for you.

Why not make the smart move today and learn how to write copies that:

  • Helps you beat your competitors by converting more leads through your optimized copy
  • Stops your customers from making that comparison between your offerings and those of your competitors
  • Positions your business to generate more money faster than your competitors

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See you on board!

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