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15 Niche Creation Secrets to Grow Your Small Business And Become The Competition

Competing in a saturated market could be frustrating and unrewarding

Get access to the proven product and service improvement strategies used by over 99% of all successful businesses

to eliminate direct competition and grow sales.

If you are in a market where hundreds if not thousands of businesses sell similar products like yours and you are wondering how you can outperform everyone of them and grow your business…then learning how to improve a product or service to create a niche for your business could be all that you need to gain market dominance and put you on a level playing ground with the larger and better financed competition.I’ve seen that happen more than once.

It was the 5th month of the year 2016.I had just resigned from my full time job and gone ahead to  open a manufacturing outfit­­­-a toilet paper converting company.I came to the market with what I believed was a killer product … it was bigger than other toilet paper brands in the market and sold at prices cheaper than those of the competition.

You can’t imagine my shock as I struggled to break even in the matketplace.

My competitors were selling their brands as if my product was never in the market place at all. I tried  different marketing  approach in an attempt to compete effectively in the marketplace…

I benchmarked my competitors in:

– product offerings

– lean manufacturing

– cost structure

and any other strategy I figured they were using to grow their sales…boy ! how wrong I was in this approach..My sales kept decreasing  month after month …for six good months!

It didn’t take long my finances took a turn for the worse…my personal finance burdens became much for the business to bear [as I was not making sufficient sales to boost profitability to cater for my family needs and all].

I was on the verge of closing shops. While deciding whether to sell my machines or lease them out…in one last attempt to recoup my monies from the market place …that’s where I stumbled upon an idea…a gap,an unmet need,a whole new Niche that I could play in.

I figured out that there were no toilet paper sizes for the young and single adult populations!

My competitors and I were busy slashing prices,trying to serve the same customers, with the same products, in the same market in an attempt to win the market share!…the usual competition parameters.

I came back to the factory and redesigned my product size to meet these new consumer segment [youths] whose needs I’ve perceived.

That’s how I launched what would later become the first medium sized N100 toilet paper roll in the Nigerian toilet paper industry.

This new product gave my business a breath of fresh air that:

  • enabled me to redefine the playing field
  • insulate the competition
  • saved me from shutting down

has enabled my business to grow exponentially over the past 4 years.

This niche creation strategy that saved my business and has given me a sustainable competitive advantage in the market… is what I want to share with you…because I understand what it feels like being caught up and stuck in a hole of saturated market and cut-throat competition with no winning strategies in sight.

If you run a small business what’s the best way to compete with the already established, multi-million naira giants [The Goliaths] in your industry?


By knowing how to improve niche products, services and ideas and knowing how to spot the unmet, underserved or overlooked needs in the market…these are the skills every serious business owner must have in today’s overcrowded, over saturated and competitive marketplace.

Armed with these skills you’ll have the stone and slingshots to compete with the Goliaths of your specific industry.

The 15 niche creation secrets to grow your business I will teach you will force anyone who uses them to do two things:

  • They’ll help you develop money making niche products and services
  • They’ll help you see those hidden niche improvement opportunities other marketing experts miss!

In just 21 days! I’ll train and show you what to do to turn those niche opportunities in your products or services into money. These techniques are easier to use than the Smartphone in your palm and would help you to grow your business!

If you have a small business and:

  • ▪ want to eliminate direct competition
  • ▪ have market dominance
  • ▪ want to double your sales

but lack the finances, experiences or resources of your larger competitors… enroll now! in

The 15 Niche Creation Secrets to Grow Your Small Business And Become The Competition

and apply the strategies that would:

  • show you proven ways to eliminate direct competition
  • How to match and outperform the competition in any market ...especially if you’re new
  • Will prepare you for 21 days on how to do a quick check of any product’s niche improvement potential [how?] ...by simply checking it against these 15 Niche Creation Secrets taught in this course.
  • Be able to generate so much ideas that you won’t have time to implement them all...imagine being a think tank of business growth ideas! ...it’s about to happen to you!

Haven enrolled in this course, here’s a Beyond The Fees Bonuses I’ve thrown in to get you fully fired up to succeed in insulating  your direct competition, identifying niche improvement products and services and becoming the competition:

  • 10 days post Course Free Business coaching (Worth N500,000)
  • Access to my online course creation Cheat Sheet (worth 10,000)
  • Customer Avatar Cheat Sheet (worth N5000)
  • Access to a closed Facebook Group of like-minded Entrpreneurs!
  • 10 Marketing Mistakes PDF (worth N10,000)
  • Guide on how to make a living Supplying waste paper to a specific industry (worth N250,000)

For a single fee of N40,000 you make an invaluable investment in your future and begin enjoying the niche creation Secret that 99% of all successful businesses use to grow their million dollar business.

I must warn that this course is not for everyone…It is not one of those ‘tricks and tips’ courses that promise a short cut to success…No,we’ll dig in with a lot of exercises that will get you engaged and when you’re done… you’ll have more money making ideas to grow your business than you can implement.

I am unveiling The 15 Niche Creation Secrets to Grow Your Small Business And Become The Competition Course for the first time ever! …it is  available to the first 30 persons at a discounted price of N40,000 if you enrol now… offer would be off the table as quickly as these 30 slots are taken.

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Here is my Rip-Me-Off guarantee for 30 days…If by the end of this course you’re not able to use these Niche creation secrets to create your niche products or service, you’re not making more sales in the marketplace ,are not getting torrents of niche ideas to stay competitive…send me a mail on info@emekauzowihe.com  to get a full refund of your investment  back…no strings attached.

You could make the single most important decision to invest in your future today…enrol now. Click the button  below …an unlock underserved markets and niches to grow your business and become the competition in your industry.

On the other hand…I want to warn you of the dangers and risks your business will face if you chose to ignore developing this powerful skill…business owner who refused to learn and use the strategies in this course risk the following dangers:

If you want to carve a niche and develop niche products in a saturated market…to make bigger sales…then enrol in The 15 Niche Creation Secrets to Grow Your Small Business And Become The Competition Course by clicking the link below and fill out the form before it runs out.

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