Let An Insider Show You How To Start A Profitable Toilet Paper Factory-Plus Exactly How To Succeed Without Losing Money.

Just before I started writing this to you, I came across an online newspaper article.

The author of the article was reporting on how to start a toilet paper factory in Nigeria.

He showed how profitable the business is and gave reasons why it is profitable.

I agreed with his report until he started making humongous claims.

Claims I know were far away from the current realities in the toilet paper business and will definitely lead anyone who takes this author’s advice down a slippery slope of gloom, doom, and regrets.

There are thousands of such reports online, which you can easily find through a simple Google search.

There are equally twice as many “experts”-who have never produced one roll of toilet paper in their lives…

…Yet, they want you to trust them to show you how to start a toilet paper factory.

I know all this because I was once like you some years ago.

Back then, I was anxious to find someone who would teach me how to start a toilet paper production business as I was a “JJC” (Jonny Just Come). I had no experience in this business

Someone took advantage of my ignorance and defrauded me of my hard-earned money.

That’s why I don’t want you to fall prey to overzealous persons out there.

Back then in 2014, I wanted to start my toilet paper factory. I had zero experience, and I needed to get information on how to start from reliable sources.

I knew no one who had a toilet paper factory. The few people I met said were reluctant to teach me anything saying it was a closely guarded secret.

I finally got referred to someone in Aba who owned a toilet paper factory.

On getting to Aba, he took me to a factory and showed me around this factory.

When I inquired about information concerning how to start a toilet paper factory. He said I had to pay him first before I could get any information from him.

I paid him N50, 000 (fifty thousand naira).

He pocketed the money and started telling me things I already could read on the internet.

When I asked him such questions as:

Where to source raw materials?

The company that sells the best raw materials?

The contact of the raw materials vendors?

Where to print nylon wrappers?

How profitable is the business?

The type of generator to buy?

Where to buy generators?

Who fabricates toilet paper machines?

What type of machine do I need to use as a beginner?

How much does it take to start?

The transport company to use in transporting your raw materials?

He kept avoiding them, he never answered one of them. Frustrated, I asked him to at least give me the contact of the person who fabricated his locally-made machines for him.

He refused to give me the details, even  after I paid him N50,000!

I realized much later that he wanted to refurbish one of his old machines and sell it to me.

Long story short, I left Aba empty-handed, even after paying 50k to someone who claimed to help me.

I bet you there are still the likes of this guy who duped me of my hard-earned money out there.

That’s why I don’t want you to fall into their hands as a beginner like I did.

I.Can. Help. You.

But before I can show you exactly how to help you, permit me to share a little bit about myself.

I’m Emeka, Uzowihe.

I’m married to my lovely wife and we have 4 children. My fast-selling toilet paper roll bears my first daughter’s name.

Something, I learned from my late father (he named me after his pharmacy shop).

I started my career as a pharmaceutical sales representative in one of the pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria back in 2009.

I worked with them for seven years, in May of 2016 I resigned from my job to join my wife at our toilet paper factory.

In seven short years, I have grown my business from being a competitor to becoming the competition in my market.

Over the years, I have seen countless toilet paper companies launch their products in the market.

Sadly, I have equally seen these toilet paper companies crash out of the market as quickly as they came.


Because they keep REPEATING the exact mistakes other toilet paper companies whose products failed, made in the marketplace.

A mistake I’m afraid you may likely make as an aspiring toilet paper entrepreneur if you go ahead unassisted by a successful insider.

I can help you avoid these costly mistakes and guide you to start your own toilet paper factory – if you let me…

I help entrepreneurs like you who want to start a toilet paper factory but don’t have any clue where or how to start setting up their own toilet paper factory.

You will get answers to all your questions and show you just how to start your own toilet paper factory profitably.

I will teach you the following and more:

  • How to write your toilet paper Business Plan so you understand the industry you’re going into like you’ve been trading there all your life.
  • How to register your business so you operate your business like a legal entity and manage your business within the ambiance of the law.
  • How to trademark your name and toilet paper designs so that you don’t lose your designs to unscrupulous persons like I ignorantly did when I first started out.
  • How to choose the right location and real estate so you know the right place to set up your toilet paper factory without incurring much costs in route to market.
  • How to choose the right equipment and their function so you understand the types of machines to buy and how to operate various. 
  • How to choose the right raw materials to use that will give you good yield, I will also show you the right place to buy the good raw materials so you don’t produce bad products that will give your toilet paper roll a bad reputation in the market as a new entrant.
  • How to produce your first toilet paper rolls like a professional.
  • How to market your first toilet paper rolls so they sell off in the market even if there are lots of competitors.
  • How to calculate your operating expenses so you understand how to run your business profitably.


  • Where to source machines and raw materials.

And lots more!

What I’m offering you is a rare insider’s guide to starting your own toilet paper factory profitably

Here I will hold your hand and guide you to your first toilet paper production and sales even if you have zero experience and the only machine you have ever operated is your toothbrush.

Who This Is For?

  • If you want to diversify from one business to the other.
  • If you want to set up a family business for your loved one who is a graduate and has not found any meaningful job.
  • If you’re a politician and want to empower your community youths to gain employment by setting up a toilet paper factory for the community.
  • If you want to become an industrialist creating jobs for youths while making good money along the lines.
  • Housewives who want to start their own business.
  • You have a passion for entrepreneurship but don’t know which business to start.

If the above description fits you then you have the rare opportunity of having an insider show you exactly how to succeed in setting up your own toilet paper factory profitably.

I have trained 5 persons thus far on how to start a toilet paper factory since I decided to make myself available last year.

To get started, click the button below to connect with me.

And I will see if we are a good fit. If I find out we can work together. We sign a contract.

Then we design a plan that will gradually move you closer to starting your own toilet paper factory at your own pace.

Otherwise, you can buy my books, sign up for my training, or read some of my articles before leaving.

Whichever one is fine by me.

However, If you’ve decided to start your own toilet paper factory and want to avoid the chance of losing your money to strangers and making costly mistakes while setting up your toilet paper factory.

Then connect with me and get access to the following:

  • Insider’s guide to starting your own toilet paper factory even if you have zero experience.
  • Being mentored by me. I get to answer all your questions for the first six months of your starting your own toilet paper factory.
  • Receive an insider’s guide on which raw materials to choose for your production that will give you good yields.
  • Show you how to protect your toilet paper designs from unscrupulous businessmen who want to steal your design and reap where they did not sow.
  • A copy of my book which will serve as your playbook for running a successful toilet paper business.
  • Give you access to all the contacts you need to set up your factory from the machines to the raw materials vendors.

Will You Truly Help Me Set Up My Factory?

Yes! I have been in this business for over seven years now, I have trained 5 people on how to start their profitable toilet paper factories. I will help you set up your toilet paper factory as quickly as you have the funding to do so.

How Will We Work, On-site Visitation Or Virtually?

At the initial stage, we will work virtually. However, you will receive on-site training by me or my resource persons. Where you would be guided in setting up your preferred toilet paper machines and teach your staff how to operate them.

However, you would take care of the accommodation and feeding of any resource persons I send as long as their services are needed by you.

Are The Machines And Raw Materials Needed For Toilet Paper Production Imported Or Available Locally?

Both the machines and raw materials needed for producing toilet paper rolls are sourced locally. However, some machines are imported and sold locally here for intending manufacturers like you to buy. 

Why Should I Trust You?

I understand you may have some fears as to why you should trust me. However, I have much to lose by transacting with you more than you can ever imagine because I am sharing classified industry secrets with you and my reputation as an industry leader too is at stake.

My brand of toilet paper is the fastest-selling brand in my state (the name will be revealed when you connect with me).

Plus I will give you this


If after connecting with me a contract is signed, in the unlikely situation that I fail to give you all the contacts and information necessary to start your own toilet paper factory and give you the promised professional guide and mentorship.

I will make a full refund of the sum paid no questions asked. All you need to do is send me the account number to credit and you will be refunded the same day.

There is a popular saying that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low-quality price is forgotten

That’s exactly what I want you to remember as you consider which path to tow as you plan to set up your toilet paper factory.


I can only teach a few persons at a time, as what I’m about to show you is time consuming.

This means I have limited slots available for my coaching and mentoring sessions.

Plus, what I’m exposing you to is pure industry secrets which I may take off the market as soon as I decide.

So Connect with me today and let me show you how to start your own toilet paper factory profitably.

Plus Exactly How To Succeed Without Losing Money, Before The Offer Is Off The Table.


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