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Do It Yourself Marketing And Business Growth Strategies To Grow Your Business

Hello Entrepreneurs!

Have you faced a difficult business challenge that seems to defy every solution you throw at it.Deep down you wish there was someone you could talk to and share this business challenge with?

Do you find it difficult selling that    product, course or service?

Are you struggling to make the right offer and design the right marketing strategies to attract your targeted customers and sell more?

Take a breather…I’m here to show you through my own experiments, exactly how to find answers to these questions and start building a business that works for you.

I know it’s your desire to own and run a profitable business that’ll:

  • make more money for you, so you can easily take care of your personal needs and those of your loved ones and enjoy the good things of life without having to wait for that deal or paycheck.
  • Make you the envy of your peers and the

pride of your family and friends. Because you run a successful business that everyone talks about

  • Put you in the limelight. Now you begin to get invitations to speak at events and share your business secrets with your colleagues and other start-ups.


 Sadly, all that isn’t happening yet…

…you’re stuck like a hamster in a flywheel not knowing what else to do.


You may have even tried to “market your business” by advertising on:

  • facebook
  • instagram
  • linkedin
  • radios
  • televisions
  • bill boards
  • newspapers


…in one last effort to achieve more sales, have more customers or even stay at par with your competitors!

Yet, none of these has worked.

In your frustration, you may have paid consultants and taken their advice on “strategies” so that you could grow your business or beat your competitors.

…well-we all know the outcome.

Let’s be frank.

All these challenges, problems and setback you’re experiencing in your business today is because you don’t have the ONE THING that differentiates other successful business owners from the “Me-Too” business owners out there.

That one thing is access to easy to implement, profitable and dependable MARKETING SYSTEM and BUSINESS STRATEGIES that gives your business sufficient supply of LEADS and NEW CUSTOMERS that’ll ultimately result in increased sales.

Here’s the thing…I’m here to help you.

Years ago, I felt lost and confused too! I had just launched my toilet paper business and had followed all the “advises” that were handed down to me by friends, colleagues and family:

  • “make you product have a superior quality to those of your competitors”
  • “benchmark the competition”
  • “reduce prices”
  • “go for the same distributors”
  • “run promotions”
  • “advertise on social media”


…I’m sure you know the drill.


I tried all these and more.

Yet, every month I felt the life drain out of my business.

I was having issues selling my toilet paper brand, even when I was selling cheaper than my competitors! (as advised by all and sundry!).

I had cash flow problems and found it increasingly difficult paying salaries, paying my suppliers and vendors …I was stuck and going down FAST!


After spending lots of monies and making costly businesses mistakes through trial and errors.

I started studying, signed up for paid courses, put in countless hours of research on how to grow a business, especially in a saturated market with LEAN RESOURCES.

 I finally figured out why I was having a tough time trying to sell in a saturated market using “Me-Too strategies”.

 And that was a lack of marketing and an absence of business strategy in my business process… It was that simple. Unfortunately.


But hey! …This isn’t about me!

Ok.I’m an ex-Pharmaceuticals salesman with over 11 years experience in sales and marketing.

A serial entrepreneur, a national Awardee on Entrepreneurship, with an MBA in Marketing.

I’m the creator of DIYMS™ [Do It Yourself Marketing System]

DIYMS is a marketing system that is designed to teach you how to set up easy to use marketing systems that will help generate leads, attract more customers that will pay, stay and refer even if you have no prior marketing experience.

DIYMS™ To The Rescue

Do It Yourself Marketing System was designed to teach small business owners how to build a profitable and sustainable business by educating and teaching them how to:

  • craft clear and persuasive marketing message that resonates with your audience which helps them understand your core business offerings and how your business can help them
  • create a Unique Value Proposition [UVP]that would differentiate your business offerings from those of your competitors which helps you stand out in the marketplace
  • save money because you get to do it yourself [DIY] without having to spend money Hiring Professionals

DIYMS™ is designed to provide the needed coaching, training, entrepreneurial support for small businesses through:

Zoom Meetings


Webinars and

WhatsApp teachings

Heads Up!

You’re going to feel uncomfortable “inviting” change to your business. DIYMS™ is literarily going to change the way you do business.

You are going to get uncomfortable doing it. You’re probably going to be laughed at initially by friends and associates-who by the way are comfortable with struggling in business and resist change, thinking that stability in business means success…stability is just a fancy word for stagnancy in business].

That’s Why

DIYMS™ was created with the understanding that entrepreneurship could be lonely.It  was designed to provide you:

  • access to a closed community, with a protective shield of likeminded, success oriented business owners where you share connections, feedback and resources
  • accountability checklist that ensures you are implementing given marketing and business strategies.
  • monthly virtual trainings that will provide you with insightful information, trends and strategic ideas to grow your business…plus you get the opportunity to have your marketing or business questions answered in our Q & A session during the training
  • ROI track. Which measure your marketing return on investment
  • Coaching sessions to build you up for business challenges and helps you stay ahead of your competitors

How Does It Work?

I’ll teach you proven marketing and business growth strategies to grow your business on my whatsapp status,via zoom meetings and facebook page.You’ll have access to my books and videos that will keep you miles ahead of your competition and teach you how to grow your business by practicing marketing that works without hiring professionals.

To get access to these teachings, all you need do is to connect with me on whatsapp. This gives you direct access to me and my trainings. Plus you get the chance for me to hear your business challenges one-on-one and together design strategies that would make you scale your business and MAKE YOU THE COMPETITION!

How Much Does It Cost?

You would be receiving tons of teachings on this platform that you won’t have time to implement all of it…

…That being said.

For a system that teaches you proven strategies to:

  • Identify your target market
  • Out-compete your competition
  • Design killer offers and marketing strategies
  • Attract boatloads of leads and customers

A single onetime payment of N450,000 (four hundred and fifty thousand naira) would get you the chance to make a onetime investment in setting up a profitable DIYMS™ that generates leads and customers FAST for your business.

But…don’t run away!

You don’t have to pay N450,000.Not even N250,000…no you don’t pay N150,000!

…if you sign up today, you get the rare and exclusive privilege of being part of the pioneer members of DIYMS™.

Which gives you access at ZERO Charges…yes!,you pay nothing today!

…However, this offer is LIMITED and would be taken off the table as soon as slots are filled!

So, If you would want to learn the proven marketing and business growth strategies 99% of other business are using to grow their business and wish you’d NEVER know.

Then all you need to do is to connect with Emeka Uzowihe on whatsapp now.

What You Get!

My teachings are in easy to understand everyday language.With my teachings you:

  • Learn how to design your marketing campaigns yourself
  • Learn how to create catchy lead magnets that attracts the right customers
  • No longer have to hire marketing consultants, you’ll be better than them in designing strategies to grow your business
  • Learn copywriting skills that would enable you win over your target customers faster than your competitors
  • You make more money faster than you had your previous years
  • Become a better marketer that you can teach these skills to anyone and get paid doing so

Deal Of The Day

I’ll be giving you access to my paid training “4 Business Growth Strategies Your Competitors Wish You’d Never Know” once I connect with you.

Just click the Get Training button below to have access to this free training and connect with me

Imagine not having to worry about where your business is going to be 5…10…15 years from now…FULLY CONFIDENT that you have developed the skills and competence [through DIYMS™] to:

  • Understand your market
  • Design killer offers
  • Craft value proposition
  • Sell more and make more money and
  • Attract the right customers

That would stick with you like glue, placing orders regularly and reliably, like clockwork.

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