Earn money from home in this Covid-19 lockdown.

Have you ever heard of the word ‘Pivot’? I bet you have. This is a time when you get thinking of other ways to make ends meet that is if you have plans of slugging it out financially in this Covid-19 era. There is a trending hypothesis that there is an economic divide amidst this Covid-19 lockdown. What do I mean by that? I have heard from certain quarters that, there are folks who are unperturbed in this tight and tough financial times, they say these are the 10% that can carry on even till the end of the year if this lockdown were to continue. And there is another 10% that are feeling the fangs and pangs of this Covid-19 lockdown. So, I don’t know which side of the divide you fall into, but if you are looking for avenues to make some extra quid this season, I encourage you to read on.

Earn money blogging

If you can make a social media post twice a week, then you really need to consider taking up blogging. How does it work? Just pick up a niche you are knowledgeable and comfortable in and start hitting your keypads. You can go to blogger.com and sign up for a free domain name to start blogging. If you are consistent enough and dish out rich contents regularly, you would begin to get paid through several means such as:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Add banners
  • Writing advertorials and sponsored content
  • Getting paid employment
  • Affiliate marketing

To get paid through affiliate marketing you get to add tracked links into the text of your blog. This links leads readers to the website of your affiliate brand, and the money that they will pay you is for saying ‘thank you’ for sending some of your lovely readers to our site (readers who end up becoming their customers).

  • Add banner adverts to your blog

Ad banners as they are called are the advertisement of a brand on your blog, intended to drive traffic through their ad to their site. You could start by using Google AdSense. It works by matching ads to your blog based on your content and visitors (that is why you need to write valuable contents regularly).

You get paid when visitors click on them. You can earn income in one of two ways. CPC (cost per click) means you’ll get a set payment for every reader who clicks the advert, while CPM (cost per thousand) means you’ll negotiate a set payment for every 1,000 ‘impressions’ the ad gets. By creating an account with google AdSense you would be able to sell banner ads on your blog and get paid.

  • Writing advertorials and sponsored content

If you are good and creative in your content writing for your niche, you would begin to get traction. Let’s say your blog is about sports wears, and you have gained significant clout and traffic to your blog. You could be approached by say adidas to write a blog post for their new sportswear at an agreed fee.

Or you could be contracted by some media houses to write sponsored contents for them based on your niche at a fee.

Getting paid employment

It is not unusual for bloggers to receive employment offers from organizations who like their works! So, your efforts writing, enjoying yourself can finally get some ‘big fishes’ to start knocking on your door and making good job offers to you.

Earn money writing an e-book

E-books are evolving by the day, there were times when it was difficult reading e-books because of their nature (electronic books), today almost every adult uses one form of smart phone or the other. And the interesting thing now is that, you can self-publish your e-books and make a handful of bucks selling them. I give you one tip…write e-books that any reader can finish under 4 hours! Why? People have short attention spans! (I think 8 seconds now). Any interesting book that can keep them entertained for a short while will sell like cookies! You can thank me later. Use your current networks and sell it at a token. In this season where most folks are bored, your book has the potential to cure their boredom if your work is good.

Earn money through Graphic designs

You won’t believe how much graphics designers rake in yearly. Graphics design is one sure way of earning money this season. Reach out and advertise your skills and competences through your existing network. Tell people what you can do, design freebies and send out for people to checkout your work. You could create logos, promotional images for online companies, and info-graphics, all for a fee. It is a soft skill that can fetch you good monies if you are willing to be creative and churn out good jobs. If you want to learn how to package your offerings you could reach out to aceprimedesigns.com. It is a great graphics design outfit whose owner is accessible and willing to guide you on how to make monies through graphics design.

Earn money copywriting

Copy writing involves writing contents for brands for the purpose of advertising. If you have a background in sales and marketing and can write persuasively then you can make a kill through copywriting. You could write a good product description for a company that will help them sell their product or you could write a high lead conversion sales page for multinationals at a good fee.

As a copywriter, you could help brands create jingle lyrics, social media posts, sales letters, catalogs, billboards and other kinds of marketing communication.

Earn money teaching online

You can earn good money packaging whatever passion you have and teaching it online and get paid doing that. Whatever you know how to do in this life, there are millions of other people who would benefit from you sharing that knowledge or skill. To do that, you need to embrace certain tools and technologies to be able to deliver your course online.

In the coming weeks I will be teaching us how to create your own course online, I hope you stick around to find out when.

So, we may be in a lockdown, but we are not bereft of ideas to help us pivot and innovate so that our wallets don’t get empty on us. I hope you are able to pick a thing or two and run with it.

Let me know if you need help or clarity in any of these areas, I am open for a one on one discussion with you.

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