Do It Yourself Marketing System Guide

Just because you’re good at the technical things you do doesn’t mean that you are good at the business of what you do

-Allan Dip

Most entrepreneurs got into business because they felt like they were competent or skilful enough to start a business of their own. Often times, employees of a company who believe they have acquired the requisite skill set break off from paid employment to start or run their own gig.

While I salute their courage and zeal, it’s pertinent to point out that being good or competent in your line of work is not enough to build and grow a business in this twenty first century.

A lot of efforts have to be put in to get your business to work. Chief among them is marketing.

Marketing is the least misunderstood arm of business. Entrepreneurs have myriads of reasons for not practicing marketing. However, I believe the predominant reason is because marketing is poorly understood by entrepreneurs, coupled with the fact that those who choose to give it a try go about it the wrong way…and get their fingers burnt, ouch!

Also, because entrepreneurs don’t see marketing as a vital part of their businesses yet. They tend to treat marketing as a stepchild. Consequently, they contract the marketing function to marketing professionals or the so called “marketing gurus”. Marketing gurus who end up disappointing these entrepreneurs, making them loose monies, driving home their already existing doubts about marketing.

In the light of all these, I have written a marketing guide book that would help you build marketing system for your business.

It will expose you to the basic building blocks of a good marketing system that would help you create the right buzz in your market and attract the right customers that pay, stay and refer.

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