Do It Yourself Marketing And Business Growth Strategies To Grow Your Business.

Attention Entrepreneurs!

I understand it could be pretty frustrating and discouraging after you’ve developed that course, product or created that service. And you find out that you’re still struggling to get your first customer or attract the volume of business you anticipated.

It’s more annoying and discouraging when you know you’ve built the best product, designed the killer course or developed that service you believed your customers should resonate with and consequently beat a path to your business, but all that isn’t happening yet.

In your frustration you decided to try to advertise your business on facebook, instagram, google …etc, as advised by friends.

So, you made your budget and ran ads to your landing page or sales page, still …no conversion.

You even paid marketing experts to take a look.

They too came with promises of conversion and sales…You doled out money (yet again) to cover both their heavy charges and the cost of the next campaign…yet nothing worked!

Hey! You’ve got to apply the brakes this time.

You need to start by stopping whatever you’ve been doing, that’s not giving you the desired result and START LEARNING THE ONE THING that’s responsible for all your failed marketing efforts.

Quick Intro…

I’m Emeka Uzowihe.

Just like you. I too  have been in “Alice in wonderland”  with my marketing and business growth strategies. I’ve started a total of 4 businesses since my 3rd year in the university up until 2016 when I launched my 5th and successful business.

The first four businesses failed. And each time the usual culprits were the same:

  • poor business growth strategies
  • poor understanding of marketing and
  • lack of marketing

After so many trials and errors in different markets and my seven years experiences working as a pharmaceuticals salesman.  I have come to know the leading causes of small business failures.

I needed more information on how to grow a sustainable and profitable business, so I went back to school for an MBA in marketing.

In December of 2016,I defended my MBA thesis in marketing. I’ve always had a bias for small business marketing. And I was not happy with the traditional marketing approach practiced by small businesses.

So I decided to veer into digital marketing in order to find out which was more economical for small businesses to grow their businesses with. I discovered through my research that digital marketing was a lot more economical and profitable for small businesses and promises a high return on investment than traditional marketing.

But there was a catch…

There was a lot of “moving parts” with online marketing.

Selling online required stuff to be sold through a lot of intrigues, chief among them is effective and persuasive advertising and copywriting. So, I signed up for a handful of courses, read extensively on copywriting and eventually got certified as a copywriter.

I am the founder and creator of Do It Yourself Marketing Systems (DIYMS™)

Do It Yourself Marketing System was designed to TEACH small business owners and owners managers how to build a profitable and sustainable business by educating and teaching them how to: 

  • craft clear and persuasive marketing message that resonates with your audience which helps them understand your core business offerings and how your business can help them
  • create a Unique Value Proposition [UVP]that would differentiate your business offerings from those of your competitors which helps you stand out in the marketplace
  • save money because you get to do it yourself [DIY] without having to spend money Hiring Professionals

DIYMS™ is designed to provide the needed coaching, training, copywriting and entrepreneurial support for small businesses through:

Zoom Meetings


Webinars and

WhatsApp teachings

I would be your guide and teach you proven marketing and copywriting strategies that:

  • Appeal to your customers personality which means they get to read your copy and identify with your message and respond to your offers faster
  • Is optimised to make the right offer that resonates with your target customer’s wants, desires and pain points which means your customers lap up your offers without the usual objections.
  • Attract boatloads of customers like lights attract little bugs! Increasing your conversion rates and decreasing your bounce rate.

All you need to start enjoying these teachings and start applying them to grow your business is to connect with me on whatsapp. Fill in your name and phone number and you will have direct access to me and I will connect with you.

Here’s the deal…

If you would like to master the one thing that is responsible for your business success, then I invite you to connect with me today.

I’ll be giving you access to my paid training “4 Business Growth Strategies Your Competitors Wish You’d Never Know” today FREE.

To get access to this training and connect with me, just click on the button below and I will get in touch with you.

You’re ONE click away from becoming your busineses’ Marketing Expert.

Zakari Isiaka Osheku
Zakari Isiaka OshekuExecutive Director PHC Initiative Africa
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Emeka Uzowihe was just the right click to unlock solutions to your business problems. He often speaks from the point of strategies that are clearly defined and problem specific. He's indeed a true value for your financial resources and time spent. He is best at creating solutions to other entrepreneurs and intending ones. Please reach out to him for help. He's been very resourceful to me and I am sure it's not limited to me alone. Until you reach out, you never could know.
Mr.Ugochukwu Ihejirika
Mr.Ugochukwu IhejirikaBusiness Manager Ozi Industries Nigeria
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The business growth strategies and operations management sessions I received from emekauzowihe.com was extremely helpful in setting up my water production business up on a growth trajectory. Thanks a lot for making me see what I needed to do to grow my business.
Edward Anyaechie
Edward AnyaechieCreative Director Aceprime Designs
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I was skeptical at first as to how he [emekauzowihe.com] would deliver but in the end I was really impressed with the outcome. I will surely utilize his service(s) next time.