Learn How To Implement Marketing And Business Growth Strategies with Ease

Attract More Customers, Sell More And Make More Money Even If You’re Just Starting Or You’ve Got  Zero Marketing Experience

Are you a small business owner and have been trying to grow your business in a saturated market all alone and you’re stuck with the same old results?

Are you frustrated with your current “marketing strategies” and campaigns?

Hi, I’m Emeka Uzowihe.

I found Fixpreneur to help your small business create and implement easy marketing and business growth strategies that generate leads, attract new customers and grow your business even if you’re just starting a business or you’ve got no marketing experience.

Just like you…

I was once overburdened with these questions and more, in times past when I set out to business.

I had no one to hold my hand…guiding me through the various stages of running a business. As a result, I lost time, scarce resources and good sums of my hard-earned money in trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t in trying to set up businesses without a guide in my early entrepreneurial life.

I thought I’d get answers to the millions of questions crowding and bugging my mind if I get back to school and got a Masters in Business Administration…

Yet school didn’t provide all the answers to the myriads of problems
I found small businesses usually have.

These problems included:

So, I folded up my sleeves and signed up for paid courses from industry experts, read extensively and after a couple of iterations here and there on my learnings. I was able to figure out exactly what Achilles heels in small businesses are.

In 2016, I took all my learnings plus my experiences from my past failures and started my 5th business in May 2016. This time deploying the business growth strategies I have gathered all these years and started a new business-a toilet paper production business.

In running this business, I put all my learnings and ideas to test…

In less than five years, I’ve grown my new venture into a very profitable business with a highly sustainable competitive advantage in my niche.

I started my career as a pharmaceuticals sales representative and climbed up the ladder to an Executive Scientific Officer, a new position created by the company where we designed and launched sales strategies for team members. I have over 11 years of experience in sales and marketing with an MBA in Marketing.

I’m also a Direct Response Marketer and Copywriter.

I am the founder of Fixpreneur and creator of Do It Yourself Marketing Systems [DIYMS™].

DIYMS™ is a brainchild of my years of research and learning. It was created to provide easy to implement marketing and business growth strategies for your small business so you can attract more customers, sell more and make more money all from the comfort of your office even if you’re just new in business or you’ve no marketing experience.

I started Fixpreneur to provide guidance on marketing and business growth strategies for your small business so that you can:

If the above description fits your dreams, then you’re halfway there!

You don’t need to go through the business journey alone; you don’t need to wait till your business is on life support before you reach out for help.

I can help you.

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