Buy The World With This New Currency-KLT.

There’s a lot of awareness for crypto currency globally now more than ever before. Several coins have sprung up, some have died on arrival, and others are struggling in the marketplace.

What if there is just one currency that you can start trading today without having to be a crypto currency trader?

 A currency guaranteed to give you massive influence, wealth and status in the world better than any crypto currency out there once you acquire it?

Excited!?…You’re about to find out.

In this post I will be revealing:

  • what KLT is
  • How to “mine” it
  • How to trade it
  • Who can trade with it

Let’s get started, shall we?

During the covid 19 pandemic, a lot of businesses suffered. People lost their jobs. There was fear and uncertainties everywhere.

But not with those who traded with the KLT currency. They were cashing out! They were trading with a different currency that was in demand in the market.

What is KLT?

I didn’t realise the power of KLT in the digital space until I started studying the opportunities available online.

I’d like to see KLT as a digital currency.KLT is an acronym nonetheless. It stands for:

  • Know
  • Like
  • Trust

And anyone who is able to have enough of it literarily has a license to print money.

A lot of entrepreneurs try to sell stuff online and they’re not succeeding. The reason for this varies, some of which include:

  • Ignorance
  • Obscurity
  • Being salesy
  • Poor social media contents creation strategy
  • Poor marketing strategy

While this post is not about why entrepreneurs are not succeeding with their brand building efforts,I have written a blog post seven strategies to grow your audience online about that.It is however worthy of mention.

Having said that, the question is: does KLT affect the success of entrepreneurs? In every way!

If you sell stuff online, you probably know that it’s quite difficult to get your audience to engage with your posts, sales promotion and the likes. Why? Often times it’s because they have not come to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you well enough to transact with you or your business.

How To Mine KLT

First on the list is the fact that you need to know WHO your audience is. When you identify your target audience, you will be better positioned to execute the strategies needed in mining KLT.

To get started you need to understand what your target audience wants. You need to provide answers to the following questions:

What are you bringing to the table that would help them solve their pains or achieve their desires?

What transformation or opportunity are you promising?

Why should they listen to you?

Why should your prospects care?

Why should they pay attention to you?

You need to provide answers to these questions in a clear and relatable way.

How? By choosing the media where your audience congregates and showing up daily with valuable contents that would address the questions raised above.

To create valuable contents means you use a variety of videos, images, and text to communicate and engage with your audience. Remember, you are working towards generating some form of goodwill to an audience that does not know you yet. So bear in mind that you are not to make any post that is meant to promote your services or products this time. No!

Make sure your posts are valuable and actionable. Your audience has to see results early with your contents. People have to get results with what you teach them. Once they begin to see results with your teachings and contents and they are not being sold any products by you, then they will start to warm up to you and engage with your brand.

Whence this happens, you have built a connection and your audience will start recommending you to their friends and network. They’ll start to rave about you and ask your insight with their challenges in life and business.

How to trade KLT

When you consistently provide value to your audience over a period of time. You would have positioned yourself as an authority in your niche that they’ve come to know and rely on. What this means is that your audience would get to reciprocate by liking and trusting you. Remember, you have hitherto not asked anything from them. Now is the time to monetise. One way of getting started is to audit your contents and engagements with your audience. If you have been paying attention to your audience’s needs, wants, pains and desire. You should be able to identify what keeps them awake at night. That thing that keeps them awake at night which you can provide answers to, would form the fulcrum of your monetization engine. How? You create a product out of that pain point or desire!

Let’s say you are a fitness coach and you have been providing invaluable coaching lessons to plus sized single ladies for free. Now you can create a paid course, write an e-book or create a paid coaching session for a small group of your audience. You could sell them with any pain point that you’ve discovered to be their secret private desire. Maybe they want to loose weight in order to find love, compete in a beauty pageant or just to feel loved and appreciated.

When you launch your new product to your audience, they would naturally lap up your offer. Because they have had an awesome experience engaging with your free contents, now they can only imagine what great value you will be providing with your paid content. With this strategy, you’re not going to have the resistance barriers most entrepreneurs who are selling in your niche face, because you’ve provided value first to your audience. You see how this works?

Plus you get to charge as high as you want, because you have positioned yourself as an authority in your niche.

Who can trade KLT?

While I would have loved to just say anyone. I’m afraid it requires some skill set. Getting people to know, like and trust you means you have to develop the attributes or values that would make people like and trust you.

So, if you are intentional with your contents creation strategies and begin to consistently show up with valuable contents daily.

You’ll soon grow to trade in your KLT factor for some Benjamins in the digital space.

Here are a few tips to get you fired up in getting to trade KLT

  • Be real
  • Provide value
  • Be consistent
  • Provide solutions to problems
  • Don’t be salesy
  • Do less product promotion
  • Engage with your prospects post too
  • Work in public

Now that you’ve unlocked the KLT currency. It’s my desire that you keep providing value in the marketplace and in turn teach others within your circle of influence how to mine the KLT currency.

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